The End of Object Inheritance

Here are my notes from the PyCon2013 talk given by Augie Fackler & Nathaniel Manista titled The End Of Object Inheritance & The Beginning Of A New Modularity. That link will bring you to a youtube video of the talk. Three Premises for Software Augie & Nathaniel first discuss three basic concepts that are “uncontroversial” in software development. Use types for nouns When we are talking about data and components that we need in the system, we are using types to refer to them. »

Chrome Dev Summit Keynote MC’s monica & 5th year doing the summit TIL Downasaur Progressive Web Apps - trivago - 150% increase in engagement added to homescreen - Service worker in webkit / edge Workbox look for Workbox has several caching strategies builtin Https adoption ~63% of all traffic on Chrome One-Tap Sign-Up - - Signup on mobile device, automatically signs in back on desktop chrome. cross-platform. The “Holy Trinity” HTML: Web Components no real update, just polymer, yadda yadda CSS: Grid JS: ECMAScript 2015 fully implemented except for 1 feature (community has decided it was a badidea) v8 - Chrome’s javascript engine. »